2021 Monthly Donor Campaign

It has been one year since Glad Day was shut down due to COVID-19.
While we have been hustling with online sales, curbside pick-up and sometimes a patio, it is worth remembering that 65% of our revenue is drink sales and
IN THE LAST 365 DAYS, Glad Day has been:

CLOSED for in-store shopping
259 out of 365 days

CLOSED for eating and drinking inside
364.5 days out of 365


During that same time, we ramped up Glad Day Lit which increased our online presence, raised funds for people in need and moved our programming online.
IN THE LAST 365 DAYS, Glad Day Lit has:




As we look ahead, we know our work isn’t done.
People still need our help and artists are still struggling.

Glad Day itself is fragile, precarious and vulnerable.



We are hoping to increase our monthly donations by $750 a month. Knowing we have a reliable stream of donations coming in helps us to plan, make commitments and help more people.

We are asking people to think about: “How much would you have spent if Glad Day was open?” Would you have gotten a latte? Come to Drag Brunch? Eaten a meal? Think about what amount feels right for you and consider becoming a monthly donor today.



Latte Level


Pint Level


Handcrafted Cocktail Level


Burger & Poutine Level


Mimosa Pitcher Level


Drag Brunch for 4 Level

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Emergency Survival Fund

for LGBTQ2S artists, performers, tip-based workers
and Glad Day


The Problem
A huge number of queer and trans people rely on revenue that can’t be traced back to an employer, so financial supports for businesses and employers will not help us. Many of us will face a crisis before government help arrives. Artists, performers, sex workers, tip-based workers - these are just some of the people who are are experiencing a swift and brutal loss of income. On top of that, many LGBTQ2S people are not supported by their family of origin and have a weak financial support network.
As of Saturday, April 10th, over 1700 people have asked for emergency help.
They need $410,000 if they don't need to pay rent (and over $1 million if they need to pay rent).
We have been able support 400 people so far - but our new goal is to support 500 people who are in dire need.

Our Position
Glad Day is uniquely positioned to be able to identify and support LGBTQ2S artists, performers and tip-based workers who are in dire financial need. Our connections to community run deep and already we have been overwhelmed with the number of people who have reached out to us, shocked, desperate and no idea how they are going to get through the next few days, much less the next week or month.

On top of that, Glad Day itself is faced with an immediate crisis. It’s no secret that we have been struggling financially for years and that, without financial support from fundraising and grants, we might be forced to close. We have a non-profit side, called Glad Day Lit, that we have been building to help keep us open and eventually turn 100% of our operations into a charity, but its growth has been slower than we hoped.

The Idea

Given that both Glad Day and the people we serve are faced with an immediate crisis, we want to create a fund that supports Glad Day and the people we serve.

The Plan
All donations to the fund will be split the following ways:
30% - Paid work for LGBTQ2S artists and performers
30% - Swift grants to LGBTQ2S artists, performers and tip-based workers for food and housing
10% - Swift no-interest loans to artists, performers and tip-based workers
15% - Goes towards Glad Day Lit admin costs and becoming a charity
15% - Goes towards keeping Glad Day open

The Team
We have established a team to review applications and provide oversight and transparency for the disbursement of funds. This team includes: Priyanka, Michael Erickson, Jade Niles Craig, Denise McLeod, John Caffery and Kaleb Robertson.

The Goal
WE HIT OUR FIRST GOAL OF $100,000 in the first week!
Our new goal is $250,000 to help over 500 people. 

With the first $100,000, we were able to:
- Support 300 artists, performers and tip-based workers
- Keep Glad Day open for three weeks, until we find out if government support will help us

The application is still open: https://forms.gle/vVvkpspCn78cr8yu6
As of April 10th, we have OVER 1700 requests for support.

The CERB and this fund
You can get money from this fund and still apply for the CERB.
For some tips on applying for the CERB and how it relates to this fund, check out: https://www.gladdaylit.ca/cerb

Major Donors & Questions
If you would like to be a major donor (over $5,000) or if you have any questions about donating, please email Michael Erickson directly at [email protected].

To Donate
You can donate by clicking the 'Donate Now' button below.
You can also send an e-transfer to [email protected]
You can send funds via PayPal to [email protected]

More about how funds will be used

Paid Work
There can still be many ways to pay artists and performers for their work. While performing for audiences in person might not be possible, we can pay people to:

  •  create audio and video recordings of performances
  •  host live-streamed events on platforms that provide additional ways for performers to get tip/ticket revenue
  • create works (craft, writing, etc) that can later be sold at Glad Day or online
  • other projects that artists and performers pitch to us

Swift Grants & Loans
Many people need money now. We will offer both grants and loans to people from $100-$800, based on need. The applications are easy and the application review team made is up of community members. People will have a year to pay back the loan, then the money will be put back into a fund for ongoing artist loans and grants; but if people cannot pay back the loans, that's ok too.

Glad Day Lit & Glad Day
These funds will pay for all the admin labour needed to coordinate this program, disburse the funds, continue fundraising, provide applicants with support getting government assistance as well as covering the banking and transaction fees. These funds will also be used to keep Glad Day going and our staff employed in this time of no revenue and uncertainty. It will also help us fast-track Glad Day to becoming a charity. 


We can get through this together.
We can't get through it alone.
We need you.

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