Glad Day is one-part small but mighty LGBT2SQ bookstore and one-part community based non-profit.
And j
ust like any good book, there’s the plot, and then there’s everything happening between the lines and in the margins


Our plot is that we’re the oldest LGBT2SQ bookstore on the planet.

But when you make a donation today, you’re supporting the important stories that happen every single day
between the lines and in the margins:

  • You’re holding open the door for every teacher who comes in to ask advice about their transitioning student. 
  • You’re telling an increasingly divided society that community is more important. That we’re resilient and that you know hope wins.
  • You’re preserving a space built around inclusion, belonging, connection, literature, and art.
  • You’re giving strength to a group of passionate workers who refuse to let skyrocketing rent prices push our community off the grid.
  • You’re honouring the history of an institution that has been at the frontlines of LGBTQ activism, liberation and free speech.
  • You’re helping a parent pick that story to give their child in celebration of them coming out.
  • You’re supporting space for a sober queer who doesn’t want to stop visiting the Village, but knows they need to find a new way to do it.
  • You’re making sure there’s someone here to listen, to provide support, and to connect people with help when they need it.
  • You’re hosting over 75 events a month like an all ages open mic, a drag king night, a community fundraiser, a book launch, a discussion group and more!

Every single day we hear and see these stories. And there are so many more. 

You can help us do so much with this meaningful act right now - Please donate, and then share this message with everybody you know.

Phone: 416.901.6600
Address: 499 Church St, Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C6