5th Wave Emergency Survival Fund
for LGBTQ2S artists, performers, tip-based workers
and Glad Day

The Dec 2021 Problem
A huge number of queer and trans people rely on tip-based and cash based work, often relying on weekend tips or living gig to gig to make ends meet. Many of us will face financial crisis before government help arrives. Artists, performers, sex workers, tip-based workers - these are just some of the people who are experiencing a swift and brutal loss of income. 
Last time we were able to provide grants to over 900 people in need and we were able to pay LGBTQ artists over 1800 times. The top 2 things people said they spent their funds on was food and medicine
To make things even more intense it is the holidays and many people were relying on this weekend's funds for things like holiday meals, gifts and travel costs. 

Right now, there is no CERB. There are no subsidies that Glad Day can apply for.
Just like March 2020, if help does come, it is going to come too late for many of us.

The Goal
Our current goal is to raise $25,000 to distribute before Dec 30th. We hope to help over 100 people with $100 and $200 swift grants. It takes 5 business days for donated funds to be deposited into our account, but we will start distributing funds on Monday thanks to a few special donors who are sending e-transfers.

How Your Donation Will Be Used:
60% - Swift grants to LGBTQ2S artists, performers and cash-based workers for food and medicine
10% - Paid work for LGBTQ2S artists and performers (online if needed)
20% - Goes towards keeping Glad Day open while we are partially shut down
10% - Operating Glad Day Lit, which is mostly admin work to host online events which gets artists paid (it also pays our banking fees)

Apply For A Grant:
If you have lost income this month because of COVID and you are an LGBTQ2S performer, server, artist, tip-based worker or cash-based worker, fill out the application here:

We will be sending out swift grants for $100 or $200 to help with your immediate, short-term needs.

Major Donors & Questions
If you would like to be a major donor (over $5,000) or if you have any questions about donating, please email Michael Erickson directly at [email protected].

To Donate
You can donate by clicking the 'Donate Now' button below.
You can also send an e-transfer to [email protected]
You can send funds via PayPal to [email protected]
You can write a cheque made out to Glad Day Lit and mail it in or drop it off at Glad Day


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In the first year of COVID, Glad Day Lit made a major impact on individuals and our communities.
From March 15, 2020 to March 15, 2021, Glad Day Lit:





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