The Nina Arsenault Fund For Trans Arts

With the outpouring of love and support for Nina Arsenault this month, Glad Day Lit is working with Nina to set up a new fund to support Nina's next art project and the work of other trans artists. 

It continues to be hard for trans artists to get grants and funding to support the creation of art. This fund will provide Nina the resources to complete her next piece of creative work, but Nina also knows there are many other trans artists who are struggling to get funding. That's why 30% of all the funds raised will go towards supporting the creative and artistic projects of other local trans artists, writers and performers.

65% will go towards creating Nina Arsenault's next project
30% will go towards grants for local trans artists
5% will go towards admin and banking fees

If this fundraiser gets to $10,000 by the end of February, Glad Day Lit will add $2000 towards this new grant fund for local trans artists.

If you have any questions, you can email: [email protected]


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