Pride Month 2020

Celebrate Pride by Changing Lives & Having Fun


With Pride month around the corner, many organizations like yours are thinking about how they can show support for LGBTQ2S people in new, creative and meaningful ways during this crisis. We would ask that you consider supporting the Glad Day Lit Emergency Fund this Pride season.


The Glad Day Lit Emergency Fund was launched March 15th, 2020 to give immediate help to LGBTQ2S people in need across Canada, with a focus on Southern Ontario and Toronto. We have raised over $230,000 and helped over 650 people - but we receive more calls for help every day than we have funds to support. With your help, we can keep this essential support going through the summer months and into autumn. 

Unless you want your donation to go to something more specific, all donations in May & June will go towards:



  • Providing swift grants to LGBTQ2S people in dire financial need


These are grants of $100-$400 that people get quickly, often within 72 hours or applying. They are for artists, performers and cash-based workers in dire financial need. Most of the funds go towards food and medicine. 



  • Paid work for LGBTQ2S artists & performers 


Performers and artists want to work - they want to keep living their passion. This fund pays people to keep doing what they love while keeping us all connected. We have launched an online tv station called GD TV that pays over 250 artists & performers for over 80 online events every month - it’s an online community with something for everyone. We also pay other artists like crafters for their work.



  • Emergency loans to LGBTQ2S people in unique, terrible situations


There are people in very extreme, unique, dangerous and terrible situations. For example, trapped with an abusive partner, forced to live with homophobic parents, threatened with eviction while renting a room without a lease, living undocumented and afraid of being deported back to a transphobic country. This loan or loan/grant combination is for unique situations where significant funds are needed. Loans are interest-free and not due for a year.

Any donation of any amount is deeply appreciated. We will share the names of all donors on our website and thank them during June on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

For donations of $2,500 or more, we can also offer you the following:



We will organize one event for your employees on our GD TV channel


You will be a presenting sponsor for one event on GD TV in June


You will be a presenting sponsor for one event on GD TV in June and we will organize one event for your employees or customers on our GD TV channel


You will be a presenting sponsor for one of our weekly events in June (4 events)


You will be a presenting sponsor for two events on GD TV in June, and we will organize two events for your employees or customers on our GD TV channel

Over $10,000

We can discuss an individualized package for you


What is GD TV?
GD TV is an ‘online television station’ that we launched in April to provide artists with a way to get paid while also being a way for us all to stay connected, less isolated and more resilient. Our shows tend to have 20-100 ‘live viewers’, and then 500-1500 viewers in the next 7 days watch the videos on Facebook or Youtube at a later date.


What is an event for your employees or customers?

Pride month is also about fun and celebration! This is a way for your employees and/or customers to get together virtually and do something fun together that also increases LGBTQ visibility, creativity and community. The kind of events we can organize for you include: a digital drag show; puppet and story time for the family; a baking show; a dance party; and a cabaret show.

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Please contact Michael Erickson for more information at [email protected] .

Your donation will make all the difference. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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