Save Glad Day

The Immediate Crisis

Glad Day has reached a crisis point. Since the ‘end’ of the pandemic (and the end of COVID-19 subsidies) we have been struggling. We have been going into debt almost every month for the last 2 years. We have often been short on rent. Our landlord has been patient but if we are unable to provide him with a lump sum payment of $100,000 in July, we will be evicted.
BUT if we can pay him $100,000, he has agreed to a small reduction in our rent for 1 year, which gives us time to consult with our communities, explore our options, and create the next version of Glad Day.

The Strategy - Now and Next

We are hoping to raise $300,000 to give us at least one more stable year at our current location and provide the capacity needed to dream of and act on whatever Glad Day becomes next.

This fundraiser will help us prevent a crisis, stabilize us for a year and be a catalyst for rebirth.



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